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Boat Instruction & Yacht Delivery

Boat Instruction & Yacht Delivery

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Captain Phil Cusumano

Licensed Captain with Proven  Experience

Captain Phil Cusumano is a licensed 100 ton Master with 45 years experience and holds a M.M.C. (Merchant Mariners Credential), Reference Number 2564493. He is patient and understands that there is a big difference between knowing how to run a boat and teaching someone else to do so. Whether it’s docking, maneuvering, running your boat or basic safety and seamanship, Captain Phil has done it all from Maine to Key West, to the tropical water of the Florida Gulf coast on boats from 15ft. to 150ft.

Professional & Licensed

On the Water Yacht Delivery Meets Your Needs

All of our captains have the qualifications, licensing and experience necessary to operate power and sailing vessels offshore and on the inland waterways. We also have catamaran specialists in our group who have extensive offshore delivery experience on multi-hulls.

We deliver power boats or sailboats anywhere on the Trans Atlantic & Pacific, East Coast from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean to the Florida Gulf Coast to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

These are some of services that set us apart:

• Hundreds of successful deliveries
• Pre-voyage review of the yacht’s systems/capabilities
• Continual voyage updates
• Post-voyage written report of vessel performance
• Detailed expense documentation


Yacht Delivery Services

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“Our commercial boat/private yacht delivery captains and crews specialize in power boat and sailboat delivery from anywhere to anywhere “

On the Water Training

Onboard Instruction Services

The On The Water Training offers a personalized ‘school of seamanship’ whose staff will travel to you– so you receive private instruction aboard your boat in your waters. 

There are plenty of schools you can attend to receive basic boat training.  We offer a much more personalized approach to a School of Seamanship.

 Whether you are novice or advanced (even the best pros have a coach), our team of dedicated professionals help you close learning gaps. 

We offer a wide variety of boat handling training topics. Here are some client needs we cover:

Docking your vessel

It’s true, docking is the most stressful part of operating a boat for most people. Spend a couple days with Capt. Cusumano to learn tips that few recreational boaters know – even after a lifetime of experience.

The New Boat Owner

Want to buy a boat and retire but don’t have the boating experience? Capt. Phil will work with you and your insurance company (if necessary) to enable you & your mate to comfortably accomplish your goals.

Skills /Confidencce

Learn what you need to know about boat handling on your own boat while building your skill set. Our private lessons are designed to give you and your crew the knowledge to build confidence quickly.

The First Mate

The spouse/first mate of an avid boater needs to know what to do if the captain becomes incapacitated. When fully trained, both participants have more fun as boating partners, not just skipper/mate.

Additional Instruction

Safe Boat Handling

Docking  On-the-Water
Techniques for “docking” are demonstrated hands on which including springlines, backing into a berth, back and fill, and wind/current management strategies. All done on your own boat so that you will have a practical understanding of your boat at your marina or boat ramp.

Twins & Singles 
Learn tips and tricks for successfully handling single and twin screws in a variety of docking situations, along with the proper use of springlines and thrusters.

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