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Personalized private instruction aboard your boat in your home waters.

Our Training

Private Docking Lessons, Boat Handling & Instruction Services

Everyone gets into boating to spend more “quality time” with their family. Too often that becomes “poor quality” time because you do not know how to handle your boat.

Professional Guidance

Our Consultant Takes the Stress Out of Selecting the Right Boat


Planning a lifestyle change? Want to buy a boat and retire but don’t have the experience? Are you overwhelmed by the number of options?  Do you need qualified help choosing the right boat for your boating style?


Learn what you need to know about how to select the right boat in advance of your purchase.  Our consulting staff can easily guide you to selection of the right boat to fit your boating style.  And we can set up training to put you at ease on your new vessel so you and your crew build confidence quickly.


“Let’s face it– docking is the most stressful part of operating a boat for most people.”

Capt. Phil Cusumano, CEO
Spend a couple days with Capt. Cusumano and you will learn tips and tricks that few recreational boaters know – even after a lifetime of experience.

Techniques for “Docking” are demonstrated hands on which including springlines, backing into a berth, back and fill, and wind/current management strategies. All done on your own boat so that you will have a practical understanding of your boat at your marina or boat ramp.

Other Offerings

Lessons May Include


  • Approaching a dock 
  • Proper anchoring techniques
  • Crew training
  • Use of spring lines to move heavy boats
  • Single handed docking
  • What to do when you are pressed against a dock
  • Electronics: depth finder, radar, chart plotters, electronic charts

Our Instruction

Learn what you need to know about weather planning, navigation and communications. You and your crew will build confidence quickly.

Learn tips and tricks for successfully handling single and twin screws in a variety of docking situations. Also the proper use of springlines and thrusters.

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